Natural Sleep Technology helps you sleep as well in hotels as you do at home.

You prepared for a long time for this? How well did you sleep last night?

We are building a breakthrough product to help you manage your sleep before the big day.   Presentation, competition or exam.

Sleep like a baby, perform like a champion.

37% of business travelers have trouble sleeping on the road.  

(41% of female business travelers.)

This leads to business travelers reporting:

Reduced Performance                   65%

Bad Mood                                       65%

Fatigue                                           74%

Irritability                                        50%

Reduced Health/Wellbeing            66%

Reduced Job Satisfaction             29%

Reduced Willingess to travel        30%

Over 60% of elite athletes report poor sleep the night before competitions.

Everybody agrees that poor sleep results in poor performance. Reduction in cognitive function; memory, alertness and increased reaction times, but what about your invaluable charm?

Utilizing over 100 years of proven science we are building an original, gimmick free reliable system to give you your edge back.  Put you back on an even playing field with the lucky ones who can sleep standing up in a middle of a thunderstorm.  (We  don't think you should do that either.)  We will give you back the the fairness you deserve.  Your job may even be more fun.

To build a first of its kind system we are partnering with a world leader in medical device design.  We live by our credo:  Performance starts with Preparation.  Stay tuned.

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