Sponsor World Summit AI Americas 2020. Montreal, March 25-26, 2019.

REMmedy System

Start-up sponsor of WSAI19, Amsterdam.

REMmedy The AI "Sleeping Pill"

We use a patented, AI driven technology to enable you to reproduce your normal, home, falling asleep pattern, in special circumstances;  hotel nights, the night before a game, competition, exam or presentation.   You travel with a small pack of single use REMstiks.  IT looks like a small pack of gum.  Thats it.  No pills, no alcohol, no wires, no electronics no headgear, no noise or lights.  No adverse effects.  You maintain your edge, reaction time, mood and cognition.  

Finalist at Start-Up Showcase WSAI19 Amsterdam

What a thrill.  First official public presence.  Top 5 of 100 entries in the Start-up Showcase.  Presenting in front of Judges from IBM, Oracle, NVIDIA and Accenture amongst others.  Thank you to judges, organizers and attendees for the amazing experience.

Come see us in Montreal, March 2020. We will also be at Shift AI, Dublin April 2020.